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Contribute to the fight with the novel COVID-19 by supporting our heroes, the doctors that stay on the "frontline". The battle with an invisible enemy is not simple and they need our help to defeat the pandemic. We are currently using our 3D printers to make face shields which are then sent to the hospital to help the medical staff.
You can donate here: Asociatia Uniristii C.I.F. 25540456
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About Us
We are students from National College "UNIREA", Focșani and we participate in FIRST Tech Challenge since its beginning in Romania (2016). Our experience gives us the necessary determination to aim higher and higher every season and discover new skills. This year we won the Regionals in Iași and qualified in the semifinals of the competition which resulted in a silver medal. We also had an experience exchange with the American School of Paris and a member of our team became a Dean's List Award Finalist and participated in Detroit World Championship 2019.

Ways To Help

As we are a non-profit organization, the budget of every season can be really difficult to organize. Financial support is a fundamental brick in building one's success these days, so if you want to share your trust in us you can lend us a helping hand by reaching this bank account.

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